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Experienced Car Mechanics In Ashton-under-Lyne

Meet The Team

We want our customers to interact and become familiar with our team. Your safety and responsibilities depends on your car and you need to trust the person that fixes it.

Zoe Cog  - Founder of AutoCog

Zoe saw women facing the struggles of what is usually a male environment. She decided that she wanted to do something about this but not before building up an extremely strong range of skills and experience. Zoe started off as a BMW Specialist, then progressed to build up a growth of intelligence on the more prestige car brands such as Range Rovers, Mercedes, Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari and VW. But always really her classic old cars and spends her own time restoring her own projects which have included Ford RS, Turbo's, Subaru's, V8's, her currently owned Peugeot 205 Dimma and M2 Competition - but always finds time to watch the football!

Penny  - Chief Technician

Penny has come to AutoCog directly from Dealership after years of building up her knowledge and skills. Penny has a excellent approach when it comes to organisation and smooth running of the tasks and problems thrown into daily life. With her kind approachable vibe, she's a pleasure to be around and loves a chat, always goes the extra mile to explain her work and takes pride in everything she does. She's second to none when it comes to Servicing and Maintaining. This isn't all she's good at, outside of the AutoCog walls she enjoys skateboarding, camping and festivals - so don't be surprised if you catch her throwing some uncontrollable shapes around when her tunes come on!


















Fueled by a commitment to change the narrative, our team of car mechanics brings honesty and quality to every job we do. Our range of qualities means we can offer and share experience and advice to a high standard meanwhile allows us to undertake all types of mechanic work, bodywork and most other vehicle needs with a unique twist.

At AutoCog, our journey is about trust, care, and excellent service. Visit our repair shop in Ashton-under-Lyne – where you and your car are treated with respect, and you're valued... Every single step of the way.

Call 07802 382125 To Book A Service With Our Skilled Car Mechanics At Autocog.

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